Alcohol Compliance Assessment Process (CAP) Tool

The Alcohol Action Network (AAN) developed the “Alcohol CAP” Tool so that volunteers in any state could document what happens during out-of-store alcohol purchases. The tool is an online form, easily completed by volunteers using a smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer. There are 20 simple questions that check for problems during an alcohol purchase. For example: Was an alcohol delivery left at a door with no contact? Was ID checked? Were “drinks to go” in appropriate containers? Were curbside pickup or take-out drinks placed near a driver? Volunteers can also submit stories and photos.

Healthy Retail Environment Conversation Starters

This set of 4 one-pagers introduces the rationale behind and benefits of a comprehensive approach to the retail environment. Use the sample talking points in each of the conversation starters below to identify shared goals and make the case for collaboration.

Characteristics of a Comprehensive Prevention Approach

Describes three characteristics of a comprehensive approach to preventing substance misuse and related behavioral health problems: addressing different levels of risk, operating at different levels of influence, and requiring the support and participation of diverse stakeholders.

Are Members Satisfied?

This tool provides regular assessments of member satisfaction that can help you increase member engagement, improve group cohesion, and refine group processes and procedures.