10-Minute Clinics

The Alcohol Action Network hosts alcohol policy experts who deliver short presentations on various alcohol policy topics. Recordings of these webinars are available to Alcohol Action Network members only.

Status of State Dram Shop Liability

Status of State Dram Shop Liability reviews dram shop liability in the 50 states and DC, identifying any changes to these laws from January 1, 2015, to January 1, 2021.

Check Out Healthy Retail

ChangeLab Solutions developed this infographic to showcase key elements of the retail environment, including advertising, displays, and inventory, to portray a store that promotes health at every turn.

Healthy Retail Collaboration Workbook

This step-by-step guide discusses strategies for forming a partnership among tobacco control, nutrition, and excessive alcohol use prevention programs. Read the examples and case studies to see partnerships in action, and use the activities, scripts, and worksheets to build relationships of your own.

Healthy Retail Environment Conversation Starters

This set of 4 one-pagers introduces the rationale behind and benefits of a comprehensive approach to the retail environment. Use the sample talking points in each of the conversation starters below to identify shared goals and make the case for collaboration.

The Healthy Retail Environment

The companion policy poster presents innovative strategies in tobacco control, nutrition, and excessive alcohol use prevention in order to create a retail environment where it is easier to make healthy choices than unhealthy ones.

Healthy Retail Playbook

This playbook presents 15 innovative strategies to increase the accessibility of nutritious foods and beverages, and to limit the prevalence or visibility of tobacco products, non-nutritious foods and beverages, and alcohol in the retail environment.

Policy Implications of COVID-19 on Alcohol and Marijuana Use

Since the onset of COVID-19, many states and communities have dramatically loosened restrictions on alcohol and marijuana use and access, including restrictions on delivery, internet sales, takeout, and outdoor consumption. This webinar (delivered February 11, 2021) examines the impact of these policy changes, their effects on public health, and strategies for mitigating these effects.